Who knew?

…I’m developing green fingers. Well at least as far as tomato seeds are concerned. Monday my little white bag of compost was sprouting eight distinct tiny tomato plants. Tuesday there are around thirty. The tripod widgets made out of bamboo kebab skewers are there to support and train the baby plants until they’re ready for potting out in around a weeks time.


What a difference two days make, eh? Think I’m going to need a much larger windowsill.

The weather generally has cooled down a fair bit from the 30+ sultriness August generally brings around here. Now we’re back in the low 20’s Celsius and far more comfortable. Lawns are greening again after a few showers last Saturday and no doubt we’ll be hearing the first lawnmowers for a while in a day or two. The wildfire smoke has blown away and Mrs S and I have taken to spending at least two hours out around sunset on the deck, just taking in the view and chilling before she goes indoors to watch some Netflix and I watch the stars come out.

Most people around here seem to close their doors after sunset, but where we are we have a nice little breeze that keeps most of the mossies and no-see-ums at bay. Mosquitoes and the like are weak fliers and a stiff breeze or even a fan will keep your hide untrammelled by their haematophagic attentions. They just can’t fly fast enough in the airflow of an electric fan. So, no bites apart from one who just had to give the back of my leg a nip last week. Normally they come after me like it’s a free bar. So I’m quite pleased and relatively lump free this season.

The outside world continues. The value of the pound to the Canadian Dollar continues to disappoint, but I’m leaving significant funds in sterling, understanding that when the dust settles over BREXIT, the UK economy is going to really take off. So I’m maintaining a positive view of old blighty’s future and treating the current fiscal erosion as a mere temporary inconvenience. The unemployment figures at least look good, with the undervalued pound giving exporters a boost. Juncker can say what he likes, so can the op-eds of the remoaners, but these are just hollow words. The EU needs a good boot up the arse to rescue it from falling into a slough of ideological despond. It has long needed a restructure away from making it easy for bureaucrats to ‘manage’ and back towards a vibrant trading bloc. In short, it has to evolve or die. Either will suit me.

The current culture war doesn’t need my input either. Apart from pointing out, yet again, that you can’t change minds by kicking someone’s teeth in. I’ve seen it tried and it never works for long. As for the violent antics of the far left, do they not see that they’re pushing even moderate centrists straight into the arms of the real fascists? Talk about a bunch of room temperature IQ’s. But that’s Socialists for you.

At least my tomato plants are doing well.

6 thoughts on “Who knew?”

  1. I grew tomatoes this year for the first time in ten years that didn’t have tomato blight.
    But I long ago discovered that if you whip them off at the first sign then they can be made into green tomato chutney, if you cut off the bad bits. I have never suffered any ill effects.
    This to me is the epitome of Waste Not, Want Not. Although I do still have quite a lot of green tomato chutney.


  2. I too am suffering from the low Pound, my pension being paid in Sterling. Unfortunately I can’t afford to leave it lie. But then it is paid directly into my bank here anyway.
    Never mind. Stagger on. And there is always the local food bank, for which I am truly thankful. That’s what France thinks of my British State Pension.


    1. My family over the last century or so have all been mostly market gardeners. No pensions etc, so the growing your own philosophy runs deep in us all. Everything you crop takes a slice off the weekly food bill and is probably better for you than store bought. Two of my Aunts were still living off their gardens well into their 90’s and having enough to give away, even off relatively small plots.

      Hence the herbs and tomato plants. Although I’ve a few years to go before retirement, I’m squirrelling away resources in as many tax free hidey-holes as I can. So if my pension(s) do disappear in a puff of Government fiscal policy, there’ll still be food on the table.


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