Mon Dieu!

Extra size brown trouser and bicycle clip order to Brussels then.

What fun.

7 thoughts on “Mon Dieu!”

    1. I do hope so, Bill, but it’s not doing much at the moment, and no where near as good as it was even five years ago.
      It has always been The Pound that was the problem. The Euro has always been fine.


      1. Absolutely right about that, and nothing wrong with a bit of a scare.
        I have never been really worried about The Euro or Europe, but I do believe that Britain was right to want out. They have been faffing about for far too long being half and half.
        However, France has never paid that much attention to Brussels.


        1. True. The English have relentlessly implemented every insane Brussels Directive whilst the French have merely used such directives to perfect the art of the Gallic shrug.


        2. I know. Britain kills me sometimes, but it’s much more fun from this side of The Channel.
          France, or Brussels actually, have been trying for the last fourteen years to force me to replace a perfectly adequate septic tank, when in fact they can’t.
          Apparently they have a right to charge me 33 Euros a year to inspect this tank and I’m not going to argue about that. So this year they have increased the charge to 66 Euros for refusing to allow them to inspect said tank. I’m not arguing about that either. It’s worth every penny to be left alone. And the minute they imposed it and I paid it they admitted that there was sweet fanny adams they could do about it.

          PS. The French State has just agreed to pay 70% of my complementary health insurance, due to my abysmal British State Pension. Merci Beaucoup. Vive La Belle France


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