An unfinished work

For anyone with a passing interest in the topic, I’ve been digging out my notes and came across something I first began mucking around with over ten years ago. It was meant to form a small ebook simply entitled ‘Stepdad’, which was supposed to be a collection of thoughts and tragi-comic experiences of my small part in bringing up someone else’s offspring. For one reason or other it was never finished. There’s only twelve thousand words or so, but it’ll do.

I’ve tried to keep the tone light, focusing on the funny side of the disaster curve that our domestic life skated through, and names have been changed to protect both innocent and guilty alike. Although it was sometimes hard to tell who was what at what time.

It’s not meant to be a definitive guide, it’s just my thoughts and impressions of what went on in the relationship between a stepfather, in this case me, two teenage girls and their mother with guest star roles of a much loved dog and various family members from staff and distaff. If anyone finds anything useful in it, let me know. If all you’re going to do is be negative, don’t sully your keyboard. Take the link from the menu bar and have a giggle at my mixed fortunes. More will be posted every day or so as I tidy the manuscript up until I run out of notes.

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