How much?

Which was my reaction to my lawyers bill this morning. Fifteen hundred quid. Which I suppose is just the cost of doing business Internationally, plus another fifty dollars for notarised documents from my end. Lawyers are essential to the process and they sometimes get things wrong. Which is what happened to me recently. For a given value of ‘sometimes’ because the laws are so damn complicated that all my business partner’s legal eagle can do on some occasions is take an educated guess. I reluctantly took advice I was given as gospel and it turned out to be so wrong it was a mirror image of what should have been done. I was half way inclined not to pay up, but then relented, simply because the effort to change lawyers would be time consuming and expensive. Contracts being what they are.

However, remedial measures are in place and six months down the line I’ll more than have recouped my ‘loss’ and will be looking forward to a bumper payout. Which could have been avoided if everyone had done what I asked two flaming years ago. I’d sue, only the legal fees would swallow up my gains to no good purpose, and prolong a business relationship in which I truly don’t want to remain. The whole business has been a real eye opener for me, but also confirmed to me that my business instincts are pretty sound. Which is, in a way, good. For a given value of ‘good’. Live and learn, eh?

The business instincts of mainstream politicians, however, appear to range from bad to utterly appalling. Especially when they think they can ‘change the world’ to some sort of Utopian pipe dream. Funny thing. Every time the current crop of politically educated, never worked in commerce in their life politicians try to change stuff they always fuck up. Which would indicate to me a distinct disconnect somewhere in their thought processes. Also in the thought processes of the people they con into electing them. This has been a constant puzzlement, not only to me, but I suspect the rest of the world in general.

At least until this morning, when I was checking some of the fittings on our new IKEA made King size bed, which had somehow worked loose and threatened to dump us on the floor in the middle of some dark and stormy night. Not an edifying prospect.

The fault lay with me. I am not a carpenter, although I do know one end of a wood chisel from another, I’m no better than the average DIYer (Which is a damning indictment in itself). Nor am I one of IKEA’s rather cunning furniture designers. When reassembling the bed just over two weeks ago, I had not used the correct tool to tighten the fitting in question, so it had not properly engaged and needed to be undone and re-engaged. Which involved stripping the bed down to the base frame and re-engaging the offending bits. All is now solid and we can sleep and (ahem) whatever without risk of night time disaster. Half an hours work and an easy fix. And it set a train of thought chugging out of the sidings of my mind onto the main line.

That thought was that the politically educated rhetoricians who form the bulk of elected officials and representatives in many Western ‘Democracies’ are the wrong people to give the job of governing or setting policy in the first place. True, as we’ve seen with Obama and Trudeau, they can talk a pretty talk, but are well and truly into Chocolate Teapot territory when it comes to actually doing the job they’ve been hired for. Which is to make the lives of the majority they supposedly represent better. Not to pander to the five minute lifespan whims of minority interests from both left and right. Or to the 0.1% of the mega rich. Like with my experience reassembling the IKEA bed, this particular type of politicians are the wrong tool for the job.

Trump on the other hand, now there’s a thing. He can actually run large scale real estate projects, business empires, TV series, Pageants. Despite what some commentators have actually said about his lack of ‘experience’, the only experience he lacks is exactly the sort that has gotten the West into the mess it’s in. He is patently not an experienced rhetorician, which is his greatest strength. He has a clarity of vision and drive to achieve it, not some vague hopey changey schtick to fool the peons into voting for him. Or even the “Vote for me-I’m not as bad as the other guy.” partisanship that seems to drive so many to the polling booths.

As proof I would point to Trumps powers of persuasion, which even before Friday’s inauguration, have succeeded in repatriating jobs from overseas. He’s done more good for the USA in his days before taking office than Clinton, Bush Jnr and Obama in all of their terms as president. All those three ever did was preside over the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle and working classes to a close circle of globalist speculators and their hangers-on. Who, incidentally, are fond of telling the rest of us peasants via their paid proxies how to live then getting their minions all bent out of shape when the populace at large tells them to get stuffed.

Which is what BREXIT and Trumps election are. A big fuck-you-sunshine middle finger to these ‘elites’ pushing ‘Democratic Socialism’ which is as close as you can get to fascism without it actually being fascism. All the bollocks about those who voted against it doing so because of ‘racism’, ‘sexism’ and whatever ‘phobia’ is flavour of the month is just unadulterated wibble fit only for landfill. The only ‘Socialism’ these people want is to legalise wholesale theft of ordinary people’s income and assets and give them to the 0.1%, the mega rich who buy influence at the highest level with favours and things like ‘Free family holidays’ and perks for high level politicians. Or promises of a cushy sinecure at the end of their term. Or an estate paid for by the taxpayer, because well, the hired mouth of a politician in question is just so important, right? Even though the truth is that these rhetoricians are like buses. There’s none for ages then they all turn up at once with the begging bowl out. All after taxpayer dollar to fund their exalted lifestyles.

Conversely, Trump is only taking a dollar a year during his term as US President instead of the USD$400,000 salary (Plus Perks), only taking the expenses the US Presidency attracts like flying on Air Force One, having the White House and all its staff as a residence, and a pretty hefty piece of kit to be driven around in, not a fleet of nine like Obama, one of which notoriously got stuck on a ramp in Ireland (Video here). Which is a big ‘Only’ but Trump has attracted such hate from a bunch of sore losers, he needs all the protection he can get.

When it comes to the expensive failures of globalist ‘professional’ politicians like Obama and Trudeau presiding over (and I think prolonging) a near continuous economic stagnation. I look at Trump and his general philosophy, and you know what? I think he’s the right tool for the job.

5 thoughts on “How much?”

  1. Wow! You’re on top form with that, Bill! I voted for Leave in the Referendum – I would have voted for Trump if I’d been eligible – and I’m fed up to the back teeth with being told I’m stupid, a xenophobe and so on and so forth by a bunch of over-educated know-nothings who confuse education with knowledge and mistake intelligence for wisdom, people who grossly overvalue purely academic.achievement.
    I’m browned off with being nudged, nagged, and bullied for what TPB tell me is my own good, bringing on a bad attack of “U.S.A.F.” (Unsolicited Advice Fatigue Syndrome.) God rot the lot of ’em.
    I could rant on for some time, but I’ll spare you – and your other reader!


    1. How to push back against the forces of nagging conformity? There’s an idea. The minions of the globalists do it. How about a series of ‘one star’ review stickers with an official looking logo stating “This notice contains unsubstantiated health advice and may be safely ignored…” Add to hectoring sign and walk away while the cameras are pointing elsewhere. Could be fun.


  2. Sorry for your losses, but I’m sure that Nigerian prince will come through with that bumper payout!
    Just kidding. I’m sure you invest wisely. As for Trump, I hope you’re right. We need you to be.


    1. Nigerian Princes are easy compared with the bunch of idiots I’m having to deal with. They all talk like they’re the world’s authority, but when it comes down to effectiveness, oh man.


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