Parish Notice

Well I’ve had a very successful week despite being chief chauffeur for Eldest while she’s with us, and all the other ructions that come with house guests and not quite enough space. Packed her off to see friends in Vancouver for the weekend on the 7am ferry, so she’ll be partying with pals for the next day or so, while we old codgers back home discuss the revelations she brought over with her.

Right; so what’s this ‘Parish Notice’ malarkey? Okay, I’m finally ditching the gmail address and making a few administrative alterations to my various commenting accounts like Disqus etc. So if anything comes from my old gmail address after tomorrow (Sunday 25th September), it will be fake and can therefore be deleted with impunity. If anyone needs to talk directly, the contact form for this blog will field all new messages to my new mail hosting service. Gravatar is going to be on the casualty list too. I’ve used it for over ten years, but now it’s outworn all utility.

My reasons are quite simple. I’ve long been annoyed at gmail for all their spurious ‘security’ notifications which not only effectively work as a tool for tracking my movements, but suspend the account every time I take a trip up the road until I go through the whole ‘account verification’ circus. Every time I take a week away from my desk (Which is an irregular but not uncommon occurrence) I get half a dozen ‘Is this you?’ service disruptions which are about as amusing as a kick up the bum. In addition, I’d like to state that my motivation for discontinuing gmail is not derived from some paranoid “They’re out to get me” as some might think, but more out of a general “What the f**k’s it got to do with them?” Consider the account dormant.

Sadly, Google, along with Microsoft, Yahoo, Arsebook and Twatter have outgrown their usefulness and sold out to certain interests who have their own agenda. Thus their worth, at least in my eyes, is reduced to the point of near uselessness. WordPress retains utility, so the blog stays. Scriblerus stays. The means adapt. The song remains the same. Take that as you will.


8 thoughts on “Parish Notice”

  1. I suffered shed loads of shit at ISAC by letting my email address that I used for posting comments be know. Now I have a gmail account on my Dioclese blog but I don’t use it for posting comments anywhere.

    In was on Virgin but they dumped my account because I don’t have fibre and transferred me to TalkTalk without asking. TalkTalk are utter crap so I dumped them and got a gmail address in case I had to move again. Three email addresses in three months is just plain hassle!

    I have no problem with gmail especially as I use a Mac which in turn is integrated with gmail. None of them are perfect!


    1. Mmm. My main problem with Gmail is having to ‘verify’ all the bloody time when I’m on the road. See the article I posted on my reply to Paul for alternatives. You can of course ignore Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail. Had accounts with them in the 00’s but ditched them all for various reasons.


    1. ‘Getting it in the neck’? Where from James? Hadn’t noticed anything important. The dropping Gmail has been a long term strategy on my part, nothing to do with any other outside factors.


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