A quick word…

… about the Martin Scriblerus group of bloggers. Can I briefly point out that I am not responsible for the content or conduct of other people’s blogs or associated web sites. Nor is any other member of the group responsible for what I care to write about. Yes, I am aware of their affiliated sites and blogs content, but whether I approve or disapprove of any of them is a matter for my conscience, not anyone else’s.

We are a loose confederation, not some kind of retarded groupthink echo chamber and although we have common approximate areas of belief and opinion, we do not slavishly follow one another like the sheeplike morons with their political hashtags on twatter or arsebook. We all recognise the ultimate stupidity of that, preferring to consider and reflect upon a topic individually than go all Daily Mail on it. Sometimes we co-operate in common cause, more often not. Each blog and it’s audience being as unique as the next. As is each blogger. In the words of Frank Davis;

Scriblerus is maybe akin to a celestial constellation like Orion. It’s a small patch of the sky with links between the stars, some of which might be quite bright, others less, but which form a pattern or shape. Or something along those lines… The constellation actually pre-existed before its name.

For my part I would describe Martin Scriblerus more like cats in a sack than any kind of constellation. Our individuality can thus be seen as both our greatest strength and biggest weakness. If we are conjoined, it is by mutual tolerance and respect for our respective writings, nothing more.

Which is only my opinion of course. The other bloggers in our group may think of it differently. That is their privilege. How I see the group is mine.

The weekend calls. It’s siren song is resonating through my bones and I must follow though hell should bar the way. To conclude; I am not my brothers keeper, even if we were actually related, which we’re not. Pass the whiskey.



12 thoughts on “A quick word…”

  1. And for the record my decision to leave Scriblerus had absolutely nothing to do with Rickie whatsoever – any more than moving to WordPress did. Didn’t stop him saying so then either…


      1. Thanks Bill
        Just wanted to clarity as everyone thinks Rickie drove out. He didn’t but nobody seems to believe me.
        I wish ms well it’s just not for me…


  2. I wouldn’t have bothered posting about it. It is counterproductive but bloggers like to write.

    Anyone with a fully functioning brain cell knows that one person isn’t responsible for anothers site and if the rules for MS don’t exclude the blogger then that is the end of it.

    There may be some that will resign because it goes against their principles, let them it is a free world and MS obviously doesn’t suit.

    Giving it airtime is fuel for the fire. That is never good.


  3. When I checked the IP I knew that ‘the truth’ (Hah! The irony) was concern trolling. Don’t get his motivation, apart from jealousy or bitterness because he can’t string two coherent sentences together.

    Does he think that Martin Scriblerus will disband because his precious ickle feelings got hurt? Certainly not. If anything it lends a spur to my desire for satire.


  4. That’s up to him. Not me. Not you. Not anyone else. Still, you were fine with it a few weeks back. Until you got kicked off. Feeling a little sore, I guess.


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