Going fishing

Trout fishing the lakes with brother in law up island tomorrow, as it’s a long weekend and Monday is a public holiday over here. Today I’ll make time to pop over to Canadian Tire to stock up on Steelhead trout and Smallmouth bass lures, as most of my gear is for salt water. Brother in law is a fly fisherman. I prefer spinners. What with the recent warm weather, I think the fish will be hugging the bottom and be too sluggish to rise for a fly, so my lures have to go deep.

Mrs S and her sister are going to have a picnic nearby, so they can natter and criticise our casting technique. So, picnic basket is being readied, finger food prepared. Although to be honest perhaps it’s best to let sis-in-law buy her own picnic stuff. She can be a bit picky, and has to watch what she eats because of the Statins and low salt regime she’s on.

The only threat to our plans are the forecast thunderstorms for Monday. Oh well, if the fishing is a washout we know a number of places for a decent lunch. Which with sister in law is too often a tense affair in case we say something she doesn’t like. Which can be anything from our holiday plans to what we choose for lunch. Heavy sigh. She can be very hard work.

At least when you go fishing, no one fusses about what your opinions are on a given topic, nor do the fish care what creed or colour you are or what you’re doing next year. It’s a simple hunter gatherer interaction and refreshingly free of human-induced complications and opinions. Which is probably why fishing is so enjoyable. Mr Rea and I agree on this, so it must be one of those universal truth thingies.


8 thoughts on “Going fishing”

  1. You’re going fishing, and taking food with you? Surely seasoning & maybe some potatoes is all you’ll need?


  2. Er, Bill, let me get this right. You’re visiting a Tire (Tyre?) Company to buy fishing lures? As one does in Canada, I suppose…


  3. I always thought fish stayed low in sunny weather because they don’t have eyelids.

    There’s also a temperature issue. Warmer water contains less dissolved oxygen so to a fish, the warmer upper layers have the same effect on them as high mountains have on us. You’re right, send the lures deep.

    Fly fishing, use a sinking line, give it time to go down and a fast-jerk retrieve with sinking time between pulls 😉


    1. Sounds about right. I’ve put a 1oz weight before an eight inch wire trace linking to the lure so not only can I cast fifty metres with ease, I simply have to count to three after the weight hits the surface before starting the retrieve. Which is more than enough in five or ten metre depth lake water. Great for Smallmouth Bass and Steelhead trout…Good sport.


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