Minor issue

If my last remaining reader visits the comment stream in the previous entry they could be forgiven for thinking something is amiss. Particularly comments marked “Fake comment” or “Another fake comment” with Longriders gravatar attached. Not so; we have an impersonator troll issue from a total slaphead who used to hound the late lamented Captain Ranty amongst others. Our impersonator troll seems not to have learned anything from that experience, which does not imbue one with any confidence in his cognitive abilities. At present I’m actually having a bit of fun with our unwanted visitor, who is currently reduced to the level of highly unimaginative monosyllabic invective. Poor ickle bunny, has I upset oo den?

An Internet TrollSo I’m trying very hard not to howl with laughter as I type. He is such a sad, deluded little puffed up pile of unpleasantness I’m almost tempted (But not quite) to get my pity out of cold storage. On the other hand, why bother? To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw’s Henry Higgins from the stage play ‘Pygmalion‘ (Act 2, pg. 40) “He’s so deliciously low”

Should any of you wish to hear the story of how our rather unpleasant little visitor was first encountered, may I refer you to this post from May 2012. You may be amused.

I’ll block him when I tire of his shenanigans.

6 thoughts on “Minor issue”

  1. And just for the record, here’s who our little trolling twat actually is :

    Richard Doubleday lives at Acrefield, Church Road Upton Norwich NR13 6AJ with a wife called Barbara. Poor cow! He’s been involved in a couple of failed businesses and presumably this inadequacy has driven him round the twist?

    Rickie was born in 1966. He has two brothers Thomas Verder Doubleday (1968) and George Henry Doubleday (1969)

    His mother’s name is Margaret E. McLure. His father is Andrew G.V. Doubleday. They married in Braintree in 1965. Given the proximity of the birth and marriage dates, he likely really is a bastard literally as well as figuratively?

    One day, he’s going to piss off a really really nasty bad ass who is going to go and sort him out big time. I’m not suggesting this you understand! That would be illegal. However, perhaps we could get him to have a go on Spivey’s site?


    1. Dioclese, he really has pissed you off hasn’t he? Well, he should have stayed away from our little group of blogs after the first time.

      He’s not the only impersonator troll out there that screws around with people’s Gravatar ID’s, there’s our home grown Canadian harpy from Ontario too. Neither have wit or literacy, all they can do is fling insults.

      As for bastards, I freely admit to being one, and am I a bad person? Nothing wrong with being a real bastard.


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