On the road again

Another day, another hotel room. It’s like being a road warrior again without all the chasing after customers. Shonky, insecure wi-fi, cable TV, identical corridors (where am I today?) and little time to write. I have, on the bright side, sourced a copy of ‘Mencken’ by Alistair Cooke containing a collection of articles by the great H L Mencken. While Mrs S and I are doing different conferences in differing places, it provides a little brain breathing space. Reading through, the thought occurs that very little changes in politics. At least in the USA.

6 thoughts on “On the road again”

  1. Naughty, naughty Mister Troll. Keep it clean, or don’t you have the intellectual capability for that?


  2. Really my pathetic little impersonator troll. Do you really think by this time we don’t know all about you?


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