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Vintage mosquitosMe and my big mouth. Mrs S was complaining about mosquito bites last week. I made the cardinal error of saying; “They seem to be leaving me alone this year.” Ouch, ouch. Itch. One (Two? Three?) of the little sods got into my office and now I’m paying for my Hubris. Socks and long sleeves are now order of the day. Bugger. I have fumigated twice, and the little bastard(s) is (are?) still treating me like an all you can eat buffet. Where’s the Raid?

Meanwhile, other annoyances over on the other side of the Atlantic.

Watch (again?). Digest. Consider.

The UK’s reasons for leaving the EU should be economic, not emotional, and the economics are screaming “Get out!”. The cost benefit analysis is clear. A similarly honest SWOT analysis also comes out in favour of leaving. Too many rules and regulations, too many protectionist tariffs, few real benefits for the working man / woman / whatever. Not to mention the economic threat of mass migration from a hostile culture via Turkey and it’s attendant cost of 3billion GBP per year extra on the poor bloody British taxpayer. Never mind helping the third world, if it stays in the EU, Britain will become third world. Like Hmm, let me see, Rotherham for example.

Although I have a strong suspicion that actually implementing any British exit from the bureaucratic morass that is the EU will be strongly resisted. Will the unelected bureaucrats and has-been politicians of the EU Commission let Britain leave, even if there is a landslide vote in favour of doing so? Other referendums have been dismissed for not voting the right way, so what do the British do if Brussels and Strasbourg don’t like the vote result and say “Non, no, you can’t go”? To which there is only one answer; “Hey, hey, we won’t pay.” Off with their contributions, say I.

Last word: Britain has tried ‘reform the EU from the inside’ – didn’t work then, won’t work now.

Which begs the question; Is there a can of Raid big enough to get rid of the bloodsucking bureaucrats of the EU?

4 thoughts on “Enter title here…”

  1. Yep, my pension is paid in Sterling. But you see, I don’t really care. What will be will be. I live in France, and have no intention of leaving. Sometimes there is more to life than money.


    1. So, you’ll be a ‘remainer’ then? I can see where you’re coming from and why. Rural France is a lot nicer than the UK. The weather tends to be more clement. Don’t blame you. On the other hand, if someone told me my vote would no longer really count, or that Brussels were planning to have their own private army, I wouldn’t be a happy bunny.

      Have a listen to Sargon of Akkad’s latest video on the topic. He draws historical parallels from the deaths of the Roman and Greek republics.


  2. This is the problem, Bill. It has all gotten out of hand. Although it doesn’t bother me. I live here. And France at least is kind to it’s elderly residents.
    I simply don’t know. If Britain leaves then no doubt the exchange rate on my Pension will plummet. But I’ve been there and done that all before, and survived.
    I suppose that I dearly want the land of my birth to be half decent, whether I live there or not. But it hasn’t been so for such a very long time.
    It all fell apart after The War when Britain entirely lost it’s pride. Although God knows why. We did beat the bastards. But you should have heard my father and stepmother on their opinion of Churchill. But even at the age of 15 I didn’t understand what they were talking about. I knew that they were wrong.
    My father never quite forgave me for voting Conservative. Not that this had much to do with anything. But he thought I had to be what he was.
    All much more complicated, of course. And in the end, I don’t really care what Britain will do.
    This is the really sad thing.


    1. Take heart Elena. Sterling is up five cents against the Euro, and I have a feeling it may get even stronger. Not so great for exporters to the EU, but pretty good if your pension is paid out in Sterling.


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