Half a bottle of wine later…

…my equanimity is on it’s way to being restored… and we’re in Tallahassee after yet another satnag failure at a critical juncture. For four hundred miles the bloody thing behaves itself impeccably, but ten important minutes from our destination our route gets erased. Wiped. Eradicated. AWOL. Now I was driving and I’m naming no names, but there’s only two of us in the car, and one was supposed to be reading instructions off the screen to the driver. Now I wonder who that could be? Cough, “User error” cough. Bloody thing.

Anyway, I’ve decided to save our destinations as offline bookmarks in future, so a certain person, yes dear, can’t lose our directions because there won’t be any. Directions that is. Just a general set of instructions because whenever there’s a set of road works appear blocking off our plotted route so does a certain persons navigational flexibility and it’s all tears before bedtime.

Fortunately I took the precaution of memorising the directions to our hotel for tonight, and apart from some arse parking a bloody big red bus blocking our turn, I followed the Sticker family motto that I learned from my late mother which goes; “If at first you don’t succeed – cheat.” Well, it works for me. You have to know what the rules are to understand when they can be considered mere guidelines and broken on the rack of experience. Adapt and improvise, that sort of thing. Vocibus nihil mali est? (No harm, no foul, right?) Whatever.

We are here ready for the next hop to Jacksonville, but the launch I wanted to catch has been rescheduled for June, so we’ll be going to Daytona Beach instead. Rule two: always have a fallback option. Anyway, I’ve had the lions share of a bottle of wine so I’m not really bothered. Well, you can’t win ’em all. Time for bed, said Zebedee. It’s been a long day on the road and I’m ready to crash.

Oh yes, if you’re in the USA and need a good low carbohydrate feed, the carnivores among you could do a whole lot worse than visit Dickey’s barbecue pit. They might not have Wi-Fi, but they sure as hell do cook great barbecue meat meals. Tell them Bill sent you, and just watch their faces go blank.

Nighty night.


5 thoughts on “Half a bottle of wine later…”

  1. No posts for three days. Bloody hell, Bill; it must have a hell of a half bottle! Or did you go back to finish it?


    1. Been busy Oz. New Orleans, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Cape Kennedy and Charleston. I’m spending so much time having fun that I haven’t had time to write about it. Seriously. I tried to write up our visit to Cape Kennedy and was so dog tired I fell asleep half way through.


  2. “Satnag?” Sprayed tea all over me keyboard at that!
    Tallahassee, eh? Did you spot ‘the lassie with the high class chassis?’


    1. The ‘lassie with the high class chassis’? My goodness, that’s older than I am. My Dad taught me that one. It’s so old that the ‘high class chassis’ probably needs new shocks and some serious welding to fix all the corrosion damage. But I saw an old Studebaker on the back of a trailer today looking very much the worse for wear. If they can fix that, then the lassie in question might once again be able to claim her chassis is not only high class, but a collectors item and tax exempt.


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