A grand day out

I don’t want to upset anyone. Well, yes I do, I just love annoying knuckledragging totalitarians with all the intellect of crushed cockroaches, but not today. Apart from to say we breakfasted in the elegant saloon of a restored 1800’s paddle steamer, rode the rails in a restored 1950’s first class rail carriage and generally had an affable time wandering around Sacramento’s Old town. Hell, the sun even came out this afternoon as the promise of rain receded. We’ve had a very nice day, and are now playing catch up with work related tasks.
A heavenly stairway
That’s it. I wish I had some tale of scurrilous sarcasm or pertinent put down to relate, but no, ’tis not to be. Well apart from noting (Yet again) that the Republican Party establishment is so dead set on losing the next US Presidential election, it’s been reduced to cancelling votes which might go the way of the people’s choice. Maybe they’re taking the same dollar as that backing the next Democrat (Cough, cough, Hilary Clinton) candidate? Sorry chaps, the Presidency (as usual) will go to the biggest vote of all; Wall Street.

No matter, the next leg of our epic road trip awaits. Onwards and up, upwards, into the mountains.

7 thoughts on “A grand day out”

  1. God, how little I know about America. The land where I once wanted to be. When I was young and stupid and thought it was all about taming land. And probably starving to death in the process.
    Canada was almost certainly the better idea. And I do love that Canada still has the British Judicial System. Even it it is pants.

    And then there is NewFoundLand.. Do you ever watch The Murdoch Mysteries? I so love George. And all of it.

    But France has proved to be pretty alright, even if I was on my way to New Zealand at the time. Sad to say that anywhere would have been better than England.

    Do have a really lovely time.


      1. Bugger. That song really threw me. Silly old sod that I am. There was a time.
        Hallo Darkness My Old Friend. Although darkness has never been my friend, except for just a very small while when I briefly couldn’t couldn’t cope.

        All things come to good for those who love The Lord. Although Christ knows who He may be.
        Just get the best that you can from America. And then get back to Canada.


  2. Stopped raining, eh? You’ll miss it further on, in the badlands. And don’t pick up any hitch-hikers. They’re all serial killers according to Hollywood!


    1. The Badlands are in South Dakota, and we’re not going there. There’s a lot of big empty to cross on the great plains, but anyone having to hitch hike out there will need a bloody good reason. Not that we’ve seen any. Doesn’t seem to be as fashionable as north of the 49th.


      1. Travelled all the way down to Bakersfield, California without seeing a single hitch hiker. Nary a one. Which is striking me as a little odd. In Canada you can’t pass an intersection without seeing an upraised thumb. In the USA they seem to be an endangered species.


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