Caught Napa-ing

Well almost.  Not quite napping but certainly pleasantly surprised despite the rain.  And considering we were in California, there certainly has been quite a lot of it.  Took a hike out to Napa and had a quick meander round the Oxbow Farmers Market.  Lots of fancy stuff, and believe you me, if I had the money and lived in the neighbourhood, this would certainly be one of my favourite food shopping stops.  Or so I thought.  On an impulse we took Highway 29 North of town up into the vinyard area and visited some of the gift shops.  Ever heard of the movie ‘Bottleshock’?

Well we went to the vinyard behind the story. Now I’m not a fan of Chardonnay, I usually find it too oily and sweet. However, these guys are the real deal, and you can visit the place where the ascendancy of Californian wine really began. Oh yes, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, check out these little rail cars which people ride up and down the rail road paralleling the highway. Cute as all fuck or what?
Railcars in the Napa Valley

Now there’s an idea that might make railways really work. Little automated rail car sized units parked up at stations like a row of shopping trolleys. Passenger gets in, punches in destination from list, swipes credit card. Rides direct to destination with no waiting on draughty platforms for trains that take forever to arrive for whatever reason. Only sharing their carriage with those they wish to share personal space with. What’s not to like?

2 thoughts on “Caught Napa-ing”

  1. “Took a hike out to Napa and had a quick meander round the Oxbow Farmers Market. “

    An open air Wholefoods..? 😉


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