Right. That’s us all booked and planned as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our next big step is Texas and frankly I’m a little stumped. We’ve decided to head down toward the Gulf coast to Corpus Christie to take a drive along the beach at Padre Island, but there are so many route options. Do we dogleg down from Amarillo through Lubbock, or cut down through New Mexico via Roswell and Carlsbad toward San Antonio? Or even take the easy route south into El Paso? The plan is then to take I-10 through Houston and across to Baton Rouge thence to Jacksonville on the Florida coast where I hope to make a side trip to catch one of the two scheduled SpaceX launches from Canaveral in or around the last week of April.

So many choices they’ve given me a wall to wall grin. As for the inevitable election stuff, no matter who asks me about it, my reply will be “What do I know? I’m a Canadian.”

Update:  Revision of route will take us from Albuquerque to Amarillo, thence to Abilene and the following day to San Antonio.  We’ll give the whole Roswell, Carlsbad, UFO route a miss.  Why?  Because I’ve already seen this movie and we’re having nothing to do with illegal aliens, honestly officer.


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  1. I just made that trip! I drove from Amarillo in the Texas panhandle to Dallas to Houston then to Corpus Christie. Great 75 mph roads!


        1. Rudy’s barbecue is the best. If you can get tickets to the Houston rodeo then do! It’s incredible. Corpus Christie’s beaches aren’t great, but the little town of Rockport had great shopping.


        2. Looks like San Antonio is worth a two day stopover. Rodeo, check. Mrs S wants to go to one. Steaks and ribs are my favourite soul food. Looks like we need to stretch things out a bit in Texas.

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        3. I’m a native Texan, but haven’t lived there in years. If you have time while you are in Amarillo check out the Big Texan steak ranch. The food is so-so, but the atmosphere is terrific. And Palo Duro Canyon is right near–its magnificent.


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