Apocalypse gift cardWell hooray! I’ve just won a free apocalypse, as I’ve just filled the last space on my gift card.  Isn’t that nice.

Let me explain; a few weeks ago, there was a story running about Asteroid 2013 TX68, due to make a close pass and possible impact with Earth at 0.044 Lunar Distances (Within 15,076 Kilometres or a smidgeon over 9,367 Miles) on March 5th.  Well, that’s today, and from we find that said lump of space rock is going to miss by a whopping 13 Lunar Distances (4,997,200 Kilometres or about 3,105,116 Miles) in three days time.  So, no fireworks.  Unless it’s like the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013, where everyone was watching one specific asteroid sail sedately by that an undetected bolide from another direction altogether sped in and detonated near a snowy Siberian town, breaking more than a few windows.

Someone got their sums wrong, didn’t they?  Or was it our ever reliable (cough, splutter, guffaw) media misinterpreting the data yet again?

Notwithstanding, I am still planning on having a lazy day today.  For a given value of ‘lazy’, which comprises of chauffeuring wife and sis-in-law around town, writing around  1000 words, editing another 3,000 for my final coursework followed by a leisurely late lunch, in turn by a couple of glasses of a modest red wine when everyone is safe home and giggling from their ‘shop and scoff’ trip downtown.

Have a nice weekend.

7 thoughts on “Sums”

  1. Elena, my point is if the ‘big one’ comes we’ll miss seeing the event completely because we’ll be watching the wrong part of the sky when dear old Earth is getting formatted by something else. Asteroid strikes are difficult to predict and unlike in the disaster movies, impossible to protect against because of the simple facts of orbital mechanics.

    Hey, nice planet you got th……….


    1. Dear Bill, I know. I was just being hopeful, as ever. I am still trying to suss sweating Onions and Celery because I missed that quite serious point as well. At least at the time.

      Orbital Mechanics? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I suppose. But some of us might survive. In which case Mummy’s silly nuclear store cupboard might come in handy.
      I have been doing this since 1963, and it’s no joke. The Pasta must be going off a bit by now.


        1. I think I have got that now. Someone did tell me a long time ago that you shouldn’t cook onions on high heat, which sort of made sense. Otherwise they burn.
          But I am much more interested in the chances of being hit by a meteorite, or some other shit that we have never heard of.
          Why have we never been hit so far? Why do these things always fall into the sea or some obscure place where there is no habitation?

          I don’t actually believe in a God as such. I only believe in The Universe, which is far more great than I could begin to understand. But it seems to protect me, if not from my own stupidity.
          You just have to see it right, and then see it right. After that, all will be well.


        2. Why haven’t we been hit? Well, that’s an interesting question, but one simple answer is that the solar system isn’t as densely populated with big space rocks as it once was, and that the moon scoops up most of the incoming. Most others burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. If you like more in depth information, you could do worse than start here via Cornell University:


        3. Nope. I don’t need in depth information. It will happen, or it won’t. And I can’t be doing with worrying about it.
          But it might be something to do with metaphysics. Heat avoiding heat. Or spread the heat, if you like. Put the heat somewhere else. Balance the equation.
          This fucking amazing Planet is better suited to understand things that we probably never will. And it is gross arrogance to assume otherwise.
          There are more things on earth, Horatio. But then Hamlet knew him well.


  2. Oh. Was that it? No chance yet again to prove that Silly Mummy’s Nuclear Store Cupboard isn’t needed. Yet.

    But hear my words. It will be one day. All that bloody Pasta, and that stuff I’ve bottled that I never use, just in case. And And The Salt in case the freezer gives up. And The Candles. I expect you think I am joking. But I have been planning for this for years. And I am going to be very disappointed if it never happens.

    Or have I missed the point? This wouldn’t be unusual.


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