Tap room 500 error

As a one time denizen of the Raccoon Arms comment threads, I pop back occasionally to see if Petunia Winegum has finished with his remodel to make it ‘The Tap Room’. Despite multiple cache flushes I was getting a maintenance page, but now I’m getting a 500 Error.

Anyone out there know what’s happening?

Update: Now it’s back to ‘The Tap Room is down’ again.  How very curious.

Monday 11th January:  Database error.

2 thoughts on “Tap room 500 error”

  1. I understand some of the regulars are trying to resurrect it.

    Anna’s OK, she was back on Twitter just yesterday.


    1. What’s happened? Has someone hit the ‘delete blog’ button? Again? Good to hear about Anna, but why take it offline in the first place? Any changes to menus / archives etcetera should be incremental and not affect visibility.

      The only times you take a blog or web site totally offline should be for major changes, like converting to a flash based site or completely new HTML code. The Raccoon Arms / Tap room site is WordPress template based, so that shouldn’t really be necessary. Unless of course they’re trying to run their own hosting server. No dermis off my facial proboscis of course, just curious.


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