And today…..

……Nothing happened on the Interweb. At least nothing that piqued my interest. Just the usual.

In the real world, all our recent guests are home safe, with airplane adventure tales told over Skype. Which now lets me off the hook to catch up with a little work and to generally chill out after the last few days chasing my tail. I don’t really mind since we only get to see Youngest once or twice a year, and it was her birthday week. What sort of parent would I be if I didn’t help her celebrate? Apart from Pizza cremation and a few other minor happenstances, like coffee machines almost, but not quite, going foom! All went swimmingly, and our stock rides high with our recent guests.

All is now settling down. I hope. Apart from Cougars in the back yard. Seriously. Actually I missed the Downtown fun. The conservation officers tranquilised it and now doubt the oversized moth eaten moggy will be dumped up island to annoy another community. It’ll be back. Who knows? Maybe it’ll have a chew on one of the local animal rights groupies. Don’t you just luurve natural selection?

On the work front I’ve just finished prying my good lady down off the ceiling, and she is recovering slowly from a recent upset. New software, no project plan, no staff training, deadlines cut; need I say more? I’ve had to restock the Tylenol and tissues twice. For the moment things are settling down before the next crisis digs into my schedule. That and credit cards being stuck in the Freezer to cool off after a months frenetic activity. A decent batch of curry has been prepared for the freezer, as has a similar sized block of home made chilli bolognese. I’ve done enough cooking for a while.

What else? Oh yes, I’ve received my voting card for the Federal elections and remain staunchly unaffected by sundry faces mugging out of billboards all over the place. Eeny, meeny, miny mo, who to vote for? Not telling. It is after all a secret ballot don’cha know, but despite my history as an ex-green party member (A youthful error of judgement on my part) my ticked box won’t be for the Greens. As some are given to say locally; Elizabeth May, but probably hasn’t. I’ve also put a ‘no soliciting’ sign at the front door. First to ring the bell gets a free earful of colourful Anglo-Saxon invective and a stern lecture on the parlous state of their reading skills.

Candy for Halloween is being purchased from Bulk Barn and left in a bowl on the doorstep for the kids to help themselves or next doors cat to shit on. I may leave out some beef jerky in the hope that a passing Cougar or Bear will spend some quality time on my front porch. Failing that, next doors surly moggy will do. Bad tempered animal. I shall leave a besom broom outside for effect. Perhaps with a sign saying; “Warlocks to Witches.” or “Prey, do not disturb.”

What can I say? I’m not allowed to put out Claymore Mines for the unwary or hard of reading.


6 thoughts on “And today…..”

  1. I was going to comment on the same thing.
    “Maybe it’ll have a chew on one of the local animal rights groupies.”

    Probably the same fools that are running after it gleefully with their phones out trying to get a well-liked farcebook post with no thought as to what this animal could do to them if it so chose or how they much these groups of people (and dogs) may stress this animal that they profess to care so much about. Life has become reality tv for them. It would be a good jolt back to real life and mortality to have that cougar reach out and claw them once.

    Pardon, just had to get that off my chest.


  2. And people lose their shit here when a large red stag gets locked in a Croydon park for a few days..!

    Amazed no-one was mauled while standing around watching.


    1. We haven’t had any Grizzlies down this end of the Island for a few years. Get the odd Black Bear, and as you saw, the Cougar. Mule Deer all over the bloody place. In some parts of town they’re a traffic hazard. One of these days there’s going to be gridlock when a Moose with a full seven foot set of antlers meanders into the downtown core.

      The locals all go Ahhh, pretty. They love being this close to nature. Whether nature likes being this close to them, well, that’s another matter.


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