About that ‘about’ form

Minor technical hitch. All the missives thus entered via my ‘contact me’ widget have been getting sucked over the event horizon of the sites spam filter for some reason. This matter has now been corrected and those affected who were kind enough to communicate with purpose have received email apologies. Everyone else demanding my time without giving good enough reason are being studiously ignored.

Oh yes, my playlist of young ladies getting their kit off artistically increases daily. One even has a highly novel way of lighting a cigar. Yes, that’s why it’s in a sidebar section called ‘Not Safe For Work’. For those who say this is sexist, I reply, so what? There is nothing stopping you putting together your own playlists together on whatever topic you please.

10 thoughts on “About that ‘about’ form”

  1. I wonder if Leggy would mind me doing a male list.
    There actually is a widget? I haven’t been able to find it.


      1. Well I do have full control of Underdogs when Leggy has moved and is without internet. Muahahaha!! rubs hands


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