Happiness is…..

….a full bookshelf. The Sticker household is nine books richer this afternoon. Eight hard and one paperback. Awesome Books delivered a series of secondhand and brand new volumes for me, while Amazon deposited two heavyweight historical tomes upon our doorstep. After over eight years, my once almost complete Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams Hardback book collection is gradually being rebuilt.

This promises to be a curl up in a corner and read weekend. With real books made of real paper. With real alcohol in real glasses, and possibly a side trip to see some real furry creatures from Alpha Centauri. And a few real guffaws. Which will be very good for my nervous and cardiovascular systems.

First dickhead to say ‘but eBooks are better’ in the comments will be mocked unmercifully. Religious nutters and political cold callers, between whom there is no neurological difference if you believe what Stefan Molyneux has to say, (see video below) will be left to bake on our doorstep.

I’m almost inclined to put a clear plastic cover over the doorbell with an ‘Emergency use only’ sticker on it. Wonder if Canadian Tire do such an item?

All I know is that we’re going to need considerably bigger bookshelves……
New BooksThe Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Equal Rites, Maskerade, Jingo, Interesting Times and the Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents.

8 thoughts on “Happiness is…..”

  1. E-Books are like doing The Telegraph Crossword On Line. No point at all.
    I didn’t have many books I could call my own when I moved to France, and my Ex came here and nicked a few of those I did have.
    Now? I simply cannot afford to move. I would need a truck just for the books.


    1. We drop hints with an insulting front doormat and the ‘National Sarcasm Society’ sign. We’ve hidden the doorbell under vegetation, but still they turn up on our doorstep vomiting their opinions everywhere. The local Police sympathise, but have firmly told me I’m not allowed to booby trap the front entrance.

      Some organic life forms have no sense of fun.


      1. You sold your books? I’m getting nervous ticks just at the thought.
        I just ordered the last few books in the series I’m currently reading. I may finish another book series this year. I may start up on Hitchhikers guide after. I never made it much past the first book for some reason.


        1. I’ve had to do a lot of unpleasant things over the last few years, selling my prized book collection was just one. It was just that we hadn’t a place to store a lot of stuff during the move. Then finding out that my radio recordings of the Hitchhiker’s guide got broken by our shippers. Fortunately I’ve listened to every episode so often I can almost recite the bloody thing off by heart. Although I try not to.


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