Deep misconceptions

Sensible mode engage…..Booting…..The lamestream do tend to mythologise things don’t they? But then that’s their business. Sensationalism, sex and scandal sell. That the public is presented with misrepresentation as fact, especially in the tabloids, is a scandal in itself. Take for example the headlines surrounding the creator of the Silk Road trading web site, who was recently handed a life sentence without parole. Here on Reason TV, Documentary maker and one time film comedy actor Alex Winter discusses his 2015 documentary ‘Deep Web’, samizdat copies of which are already available on YouTube and probably on every available streaming site by now.

Both the interview and documentary make interesting viewing.

2 thoughts on “Deep misconceptions”

    1. What was it all about? Difficult to contain in a few short phrases. The sentence seems excessive by several orders of magnitude. Two FBI agents ‘under investigation’ after the sites Bitcoin proceeds went missing. Warrentless asset seizures in other national jurisdictions (an Icelandic data centre)? I don’t know, but it seems that something isn’t right.


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