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There’s nothing like new light being thrown on old subjects. Regarding yesterday’s post, I’d like to thank everyone for pitching in and being so civil about it. I’d particularly like to thank the commenter Dan Germouse (Is that the David Jason and Terry Scott version Dan?) for highlighting the Cochrane Reviews. Rest assured, I shall try to include said reports in future reading to keep my knowledge a little less out of date. Some topics are subscription only, but the available reviews look interesting.

One topic that comes up regularly is the assertion that banning the advertising of Alcohol or related products would reduce public consumption. Read the brief review here. Make up your own minds.

Off the same list, I also had a brief run through the reviews on Green Tea and weight loss, and Cranberry Juice and Urinary Tract Infections.

The news that Statins are effective as a prophylactic against MI’s (Heart Attacks), but makes no case for scattergun mass medication as proposed by some politicians. I would cite the cautionary example of mass use of antibiotics and the subsequent development of hard to control MRSA type infections. Longer term studies needed methinks. Sister in law and husband got put on a course of Statins and had to stop because of the side effects. They’re still on a low salt, low everything diet, but the last I heard their cholesterol levels hadn’t changed that much.

One thing I was amused to note was the conclusion that while vitamin D supplements do not help safeguard against falling in older people, but exercises which help develop poise and balance like Tai Chi do. Must keep up the old Judo exercises then.

Overall, as regards information I consider myself schooled. However in this instance I am quite relaxed about the experience. Primary sources without having to dig through reams of guff? I’m good with that.

As a reward, here’s a possibly NSFW video playlist of young women getting their kit off in a very artistic fashion (Well I happen to think so) for all you gentlemen out there with the odd red blood cell still ranging around your veins. Or ladies with girl crushes. Hey, we don’t judge. Any complaints, keep ’em to yourselves.

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      1. I tried Google but googled “next Tuesday” and apparently “See you next Tuesday” is a nice way of calling someone the c word.


        1. Google is not your friend here. I shall explain in a post later today. It’s an English throwaway line from beyondthedawnatime which, like good wine, does not travel well.


  1. I could only see half the ladies on my ipad. So may be a repeat but have you seen this lady?

    She was as far as I remember married to Marilyn Manson for a while.


    1. Only half? Hmm, some of them are age restricted, so if you aren’t actually logged on to Youtube using an over 18 profile you won’t see them. As for Dita, I did consider her for the list, but decided to stick with the six lesser known burlesque artists.


      1. I am logged in but not all videos are available for tablets or phones. I’m not sure why. Apparently not all YouTube videos are created equal.
        It was nice seeing some new ladies.


  2. Cranberry juice is not enough. Go for the smoothie at least. You need the skins in there, they do things in your gut that are wonderfully protective.

    But it’s a secret. So I didn’t tell you 😉


      1. Leggy – I like the skin. Omnomnom!

        BS – embrace your inner viking and skin the little bugger. Then eat the skin, burn down it’s village after you plundered it and steal its wife.


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