Something in the water

Is it just me, or is there something odd going on? We’ve had over twenty odd years of increasing histrionics over what I would ordinarily term mere bagatelles while more serious issues get glossed over and sidelined. Off the cuff remarks reacted to with such vehemence you’d think someone had committed a real crime. And the thing that raises a Spock like eyebrow the most, the Police often take the complaint seriously.

It’s not just that, far too much emphasis is being given to comparatively petty matters while more serious crimes seem to get a free pass, or never seem to come to trial as speedily as possible. Someone makes an off colour remark on ‘social media’ and there are a whole heap of frothing complaints, but murder hardly makes the front pages. Does this make sense to anyone?

Not me. Anyone else? I reckon it’s something environmental, although what it is I have no idea.

Update: Ahah! By George I think I’ve got it! I had a minor flash of whatever, and went to have a look at the analysis of red meat consumption over the last few decades. Canadians in 2010 consumed only just over half the red meat they did in 1980. Could this be a factor behind the rise of PC? Diet? More fruit and nuts leads to more fruit and nut cases? There’s a Ph.D and a Nobel prize in this for someone.

9 thoughts on “Something in the water”

  1. Fluoride? Nah. Fluoridation doesn’t correlate well with how widespread all this wet lettuce victimhood actually is. Here in uber-politically correct BC we have a very low level (Under 4%) of water supplies fluoridated, yet Alberta with one of the highest (74.7%) seems to suffer from relatively low PC contamination.


        1. Yeah, but Canada in general has more PC than the UK. So some correlation, but does the PC exist in clusters which have been fluoridated longer than others?

          However, this has sparked an intriguing line of enquiry regarding diet.


        2. Te symptoms of Flouride poisoning are quite interesting in this aspect. Try Googlefor it. It sounds like it was INVENTED to create ADHD, and all that kind of crap, but lathargy, etc as well. Which goes to some extent with the “P.C” rubbish.

          I am not saying that was the main objective, but deffinately a possible line of enquiry as to “unintended consequences.”


  2. XX We’ve had over twenty odd years of increasing histrionics XX Just about the time they were pttinh floride in the water for the first time… Just saying… 😀


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