Happy Canada Day

Canada Flag Happy Canada dayTo my Canadian reader. And to the rest of you, regardless of where you are on the planet. Unfortunately, we’ll be spending a good part of our afternoon hanging around hospitals, so we’ll miss most of the downtown fun.

The good news is that we’ll be done and dusted in time to see the Fireworks, and I know exactly where we’ll be. There’s this great vantage point no-one else knows about, right at the….. argh! (Sound of struggling followed by a suspicious silence)

Sorry about that reader, he was about to give the game away, and we do so hate being crowded out of our favourite downtown vantage points. We’re afraid Bill has been getting a little…. too feisty of late, now he has to go back to his padded cell. We apologise for any inconvenience, or lack thereof…..

2 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day”

  1. Dominion Day in Canada – sounds like fun. Seems a bit extravagant to celebrate the continuing success of the “Rebellion in North America” (still not put down, I should remind you) a couple of days later in the same month. Can’t you get your neighbours to move their date?t


    1. Celebrating the continuing success? No, we’re just celebrating being Canadian.. What happens south of the 49th Parallel stays south of the 49th parallel.


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