Random thought on Scottish devolution v1.05


Pre results musing.

If the Scots have voted ‘Yes’ to devolution and the United Kingdom is no longer the UK any more…..

Does this mean;

That all treaties signed on behalf of the UK since the Act of Union in 1707 may now become null and void because the UK will no longer be the same UK as it was when say, the Lisbon and Maastricht treaties etcetera were signed? Those treaties were signed for the UK as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, not as England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

I know it’s a pretty fine hair to split but could these treaties be seen as truly binding should the Scots get independence?

Brexit by cock-up. Now that’s an interesting thought.

2 thoughts on “Random thought on Scottish devolution v1.05”

    1. I have no prejudice. The numbers are what they are. v1.02 and v1.04 weren’t suitable for release (Or polite society) as they weren’t really pertinent or even vaguely amusing. There may be a v1.06, who can tell?


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