The last post

Over the past year I’ve grown ever more cynical and less inclined to post about the same old problems caused by the same old class of people. The tools, drones and otherwise hard of thinking behind desks who think they know better than the rest of us about how to run our lives, and eventual deaths.

So as far as Bill is concerned, I’m hanging up his commenting keyboard for good. Oh, I’ll be writing elsewhere on similar topics, but in different ways through a different medium. But Bill Sticker will no more haunt forums and comment threads. This is the final it. This blog and the blogger counterpart will be his memorial until I decide to take them down. The door will not hit me on the way out.

Why? We can rant and rage on our blogs against the machine all we like, but is the machine listening? Not a bit of it, say I. The machine is a clumsy, massive bureaucratic construction that carelessly crushes those bull headed enough to get in its way. Thus it is down to each of us to plough our respective lonely furrows, to create what small miracles we can in our own minuscule ways. By not giving into the temptation of every single shiny new toy. By not blindly following some glib ‘leader’ promising ‘change’ without actually defining what that change will be. Following leaders of that sort always leaves their followers with loose change and ashes, but little more. Maybe not quite the kind of change their followers were hoping for, but that is the way of things. The only person who can make real and lasting change for the better is the feet on the street. The little guy with a little heart, and enough guts to do the right thing at the right time. Whenever that is.

It’s been fun being Bill. He’s the guy who’s said all the things I sometimes haven’t been brave enough to voice in person. As far as he’s concerned, I’ve only ever documented a fraction of the real life strokes pulled, of the sheer bare faced cheek needed to survive the myriad of metaphorically jackboot wearing whack jobs out there. Of the many little victories against the blind behemoth of tick box bureaucracy. Now it’s time to move on.


3 thoughts on “The last post”

  1. I’m sorry to hear, Bill. I have read your posts for many years, from the double yellow lines until you introduced ‘expat’ to my vocabulary and up until now. It was through you and your site that helped inspire me to start my own! Please don’t go away fully, I’d love to hear more about your views on non-political everyday life and where you live now. Maybe just get a new start somewhere with no agendas or expectations? Or not, but I will surely miss a good old friend that I’ve never met.
    All my best to you and yours.


  2. Sorry to hear it, Bill, though I quite understand. My own blogging has gone into a decline and while is mostly time issues it’s also the feeling of sitting at the keyboard to write on something and thinking that I’ve made the point 3-4 times before. My need to blow off steam is largely going into Twitter since it’s a convenient medium when you don’t have long enough at one stretch to compose a good blog piece. Maybe it’s for you, maybe not, but if you give it a go I’m @angryexile and would enjoy bouncing thoughts across continents once more. In any event stay well.

    Slainte marr.



  3. I for one will be sorry to see you hang up your keyboard. I’ve always enjoyed your pragmatic take on life. Why not take a rest from blogging but think about writing the odd post letting us know how you are.


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