Here we go again.

Another day, another tragedy. Another media circus. Another opportunity for the collectivist ‘ban everything’ brigade to wallow in false emotion and wave their nasty anti freedom agenda in everyone’s face.

27 people, many of them children, died not simply because an Aspergers sufferer got hold of his Mothers guns, shot her, then went to shoot up the school where she worked. Nor were Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane), Anders Breivik (Norway), and Robert Ryan (Hungerford) so simple as the ‘nutter with guns’ assertion. Nor countless others which do not receive anywhere near the same media attention. Guns are used to kill, therefore guns are bad, ban guns, goes the argument. The same case could be made against Sabatier kitchen knives, ceremonial swords, ice axes, steel capped safety boots, glass bottles, logging axes or rocks. Or even a qualification in martial arts or possession of exceptional physical strength. Amongst many others.

Yet none of the calls for regulation will address the underlying issue. Why certain people go AWOL and lash out blindly. If you choose to read this book by David M Buss, you will be told that the human mind is designed for homicide.` We are killers. All of us. It’s a feature of the standard human psyche. Yet most would faint at the very notion because our killer within is only unleashed under certain, very specific, circumstances. Most will never, ever, find themselves in those circumstances, or more to the point, never let themselves be pushed that far. They’re too well balanced and socialised.

So what is the single thing that all these multiple, and seemingly random killings have in common? Guns? Well, as a tool, certainly, but that is only superficially true. The real motivation can be summed up in one word; frenzy. A mania, or unbalanced state of mind. Extreme, uncontrolled anger unleashed. To use the vernacular; ‘Going postal’. Yet even that is not anywhere near the whole answer. Where does the frustration come from that generates these tragedies? For me, this comment over at ZeroHedge is as close to the true answer as I’ve seen anywhere else;

As long as they keep focusing on the tool rather than behavior, culture and personal responsibility there will be no progress.

Think about it.

The vast majority will never resort to physical violence simply because someone looks at us the ‘wrong’ way. Generally speaking, people either fear the consequences or such an action would never occur to them in the first place. Offering physical harm to others is not something the average human does as a first resort. We are taught not to. Well, most of us. We are taught to talk rather than fight or shoot. To voice our frustrations before we hit boiling and the lid blows off. To have acceptable social outlets.

All the bans, regulation and repressive rules will not solve anything because the real issues are more deeply rooted. Banning legal firearms will leave the only guns in the hands of Government agencies or criminals. Some would argue there’s little difference between these two factions, apart from the membership criteria.


2 thoughts on “Here we go again.”

  1. It is behaviour culture etc that matter more than the tool. Other countries have just as many guns per person but none are anywhere near in witnessing the random acts carried out in America.


  2. Agreed!
    Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” ― George Orwell, 1984 Media Hypocrisy: Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

    One of the most flagrant hypocrites to take to social media yesterday was Piers Morgan.


    Morgan with the precision and expertise of any charlatan preyed on people’s fear and emotions to push an agenda, to stay relevant in a world where MSM is dying and media personalities along with it.

    Morgan is a media entertainer, hosts his program on CNN a media outlet where Saudi Arabia pays for content and applies censorship Benevolent Government Style.

    Mr. Morgan, One does not have the luxury of feigning moral outrage on murder to salvage ones media career, to stay relevant. Either you are outraged by murder or you are not. Your record is clear on this matter at hand.

    Mr. Morgan, for all the innocent Mexicans slaughtered by US Government Gun Running where is your moral outrage? Is it acceptable for Benevolent Government to slaughter people? For all the innocent children slaughtered in their mother’s womb, left to die in garbage dumpsters, where is your moral outrage?

    Mr. Morgan your highly selective usage of the spilled Blood of Innocents to fit your agenda is…Unmistakable as is your lack of knowledge in regards to U.S. Constitutional Law, the protections it affords us against the tyranny of Benevolent Government.


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