Real life

The blog is taking fifth place to real life right now. Life analogue supersedes life digital, and at present there aren’t enough hours in the working day. Not that I’ve got anything I want to write about here at present. I’ve stopped reading and watching the news on the premise that mainstream outlets deliberately structure their content to annoy. Whatever is happening in the world will happen anyway, without any input from me.

Arbitrary rises in gas prices? Everyone is hacked off about those.
European economic collapse impending? Not surprised.
US elections? That’s down to the US electorate.
The non-existence of man made global warming? Told you so.
Riots? Not here there aren’t.
Poverty? Starvation? War? People finding excuses to be shitty to each other? Yep, plenty. But not much I can do about that. Too busy trying to keep my own head above water.

In short; I cannot be my brothers keeper because he’ll have to shift for himself like the rest of us. Not much I can do and I’m not overly inclined to do it. Tell you the truth I’ve been reading P J O’Rourke’s “All the trouble in the world” again, and nothing really changes.

Also delving into Nietzsche and Sartre for the first time in over two decades, and finding out that many people who previously derived their world view from Nietzsche have been hoodwinked. Apparently Nietzsche’s sister put all the nationalistic and anti-semitic crap into his published works after he died. So I’m giving the old boy a philosophical second reading with some of the newer translations. Starting with Safranski’s biography. This may take some time.

Ergo, I’ve cranked the outside volume down and am taking a big time out. No doubt the world will still be here when I get back. If it isn’t I will be asking serious questions. Play nice now. TTFN