One I will be watching

Just popped into my inbox. The trailer for the second part of the movie series ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Due for general release 12th October 2012.
Lots of Hollywoodesque special effects of course, but the theme of the rights of the individual against the collective is still as valid. Not that it will make the theatres up north of the 49th parallel. I will no doubt have to order it from Amazon.

Didn’t see the first of the series being shown locally. Nor will it appear on Netflix. Too subversive for the proles no doubt.

Just as an aside; another of Rand’s uncompromising ‘objectivist’ novels ‘the Fountainhead‘ was made as a movie back in 1949 with Gary Cooper in the lead role.

Those damned selfish individualists! When will they understand all their hard earned belongs to everybody? /sarc