Another post on BC ‘Smart’ meters

Have been doing a little walking and talking (But mostly listening) of late, and heard some quite interesting snippets about these so-called ‘Smart’ meters.

Apart from the Smart meter recall initiative.

Word is that some smart meters are going back because too many ‘don’t work properly’

Word is that none of the meters are currently connected to the promised ‘Smart grid’ because of ‘issues’.

Word is that all the old meters won’t be reinstalled because they’ve already been ‘recycled’.

Word is there’s a political scandal brewing rather like that of the current furore over BC Liquor Distribution Licenses. Promises were made by politicians, then after a few visits from lobbyists, bing! “Smart grids are the future”. Verrrrry interesting.

Of course all the above is merely coffee shop gossip. Yet while gossip is often exaggerated and not wholly accurate, there is a seam of truth in what I’ve been hearing.