Norman Jervis will be exhumed as soon as possible..

Not much to post about that I’ve wanted to think long of. Not of late, certainly. Real life has been too fully engaging, with too little me time. I occasionally browse the lamestream, but as always it seems to be chocker with Fark and Churnalism barely worth the read.

Every time I read through the columns of the UK Grauniad and Torygraph, thence the comments, and wonder if care in the community was such a wonderful idea. Entrenched viewpoints lob word bombs at each others ideologically fortified positions, and totally ignore any middle ground. They are so totally convinced of their absolute rightness (or leftness as the case may be) that it’s like watching someone try to fight their mirror image.

This week finds me at what I’m inclined to describe as a Bazaar of the Bizarre. A conference of ‘Educationalists’ no less, which my wife has promised faithfully will be the last we go to for several years. The cuisine at this event has also served to remind me that vegetarian food is vapid and unsatisfying. Why would anyone with any taste or discretion want to live on such a diet? Whilst I have nothing against a modicum of vegetable content in a healthy mixed diet, this obsession with eschewing protein altogether seems quite unhinged. As for fats, was anyone aware that too much lean protein is very bad, and can even prove fatal? All right, there’s only ever been one documented case in recent times, but more people suffer from low iron, and judging from the number of pallid faces I saw last evening, there are more than a few here. Odd that teaching as a profession seems a popular career choice amongst such bloodless people.

Regarding vegetarianism, I have the same opinion about it as or any other form of sado-masochism; I have no issue with people who wish to indulge in such practices – so long as I am not expected to join in. Fortunately, there are nearby restaurants noted for doing a good steak.

Update: The Gods of catering have heard my unspoken prayer, and steak has been provided and consumed with gusto and alacrity.

This is what is passing for my holidays this year and taking same into consideration I intend to be as chilled as possible, frigid even. Now I’m off to catch up with my viewing of ‘Game of thrones‘ which I’m finding highly entertaining. TTFN