Facebook spam

About a year ago I ‘deleted’ my Facebook account and consigned all those ‘I want to be friends’ requests to the great interweb garbage can. Followed the instructions. Received notification that all my ‘friends’ were ‘very sad’ that I was leaving Facebook. The account disappeared to be seen no more. So far so good.

Yesterday I was doing a bit of spam filter housekeeping, and there, nestling amongst all those wonderful, never to be repeated offers of dodgy software, cheap blue chalk capsules masquerading as Viagra, unintelligible Chinese, and important messages from importunate foreign dignitaries who have a teensy spot of financial bother and just need your bank account details to release billions, were Facebook ‘Friend’ requests. WTF? Didn’t I delete that? Properly? Twice?

Like some moaning spectre, my one time Facebook account appears to have been resurrected more times than a Buddhist with a tricky Karma problem. It has become a zombie, a foot dragging nemesis which refuses to stay dead. I should never have opened the fucking thing, but we can all be wise in hindsight, can’t we?

For my own part I will be going out today, spending time with real life friends on a gloriously sunny BC day, taking a mental sidelong glance at all the fuss over Facebooks stock market flotation and wondering when the Facebook Financial bubble will burst.

2 thoughts on “Facebook spam”

  1. It’s like electronic herpes, isn’t it? Fortunately my account killing seems to have been successful and permanent, but my beloved old Nokia has just gone to the Carphone Warehouse in the sky so I bit the bullet and got a smartphone… and guess what? Frickin’ Fartbook is a pre-loaded app that’s a complete waste of space. And worse it’s one that uses resources because it keeps turning itself on. And even worse it can’t be uninstalled or even moved to the bloody memory card. The bubble popping can’t come soon enough for me, but I’d settle just for the ability to get rid of or permanently disable the damn thing on devices that I’m pretty sure belong to me and not Mark bloody Zuckerberg.


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