Oh what now!

From over the water comes the news that ‘poor’ parents in the UK should receive Government help and advice on how to bring up their sprogs. Following on from my last post on how Teachers don’t suck, I’d like to make the point that not all parents suck either. A surprisingly large proportion don’t, suck that is. Only a minority are so useless that they’re little more than egg and sperm donors. A surprising amount of parents train and motivate their children to become better people than their parents were. Hopefully Mrs S and I are in the latter category.

The problem seems to be here, that politicians of whatever stripe appear to be under the delusion that legislation changes anything, apart from making any sphere of human activity less productive and more expensive. Putting petrol tax up didn’t reduce the amount of vehicles on the roads (Last time I was in the UK in 2011, previously empty roads had become heavily congested). Safety Cameras did nothing for road safety (Swindon in England got rid of theirs, and road accidents decreased). Gun laws didn’t take the guns off criminals (Gun crime has increased in the UK). The ‘War on drugs’ has put more ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ drugs on the streets than before the bans. Restrictions on alcohol have re-introduced bootlegging. Anti-tobacco legislation has been killing off the UK licensed trade and introducing the new speakeasies (In the words of Leg-iron, the ‘Smokey-Drinky’). The world economy is in the tank because of politicians ham handed vote buying attempts to make things ‘Fairer’. Now the UK powers that be think they can teach people how to parent?

Oh FFS! Talk about the triumph of hope over experience.


3 thoughts on “Oh what now!”

  1. It is believed the UK has a Queen and by her delegative authority all her minions under her also have authority over the populus.

    However, this is a blatant outright lie, we the people do not have a Queen.

    If Elizabeth had been coronated lawfully, which she were not in light of the coronation stone (stone of scone/jacobs pillow) being a fraud and this has been proven. The original stone was stolen and never returned, only a fake was returned in its place.

    Even if she were coronated lawfully then she broke her “Coronation Oath” from the very start.

    Read her oath that she swore to uphold and also signed her name to.
    This oath is a lawful binding contract and she has never held to it and never has.

    All the above stated leads to the proven fact that all who claim authority under her against the people are fraudulent as they do not have any authority.


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