Meanwhile…. South of the border

While things aren’t all singing and dancing up here north of the 49th Parallel, Bill Whittle, a political commentator on the independent conservative PJTV station, gets good and angry about the ineptness of the current DC Administration. Whilst what he says is obviously highly coloured, he does ‘hit the spot’. My only issue with what he says is, the current frontrunning Republican alternative candidates aren’t going to fix the issues he talks about. Romney and Santorum both come across as sockpuppets (UK readers – think Cameron & Clegg). So if either of them get the republican nomination, by my reckoning there’ll be even less reason for ‘conservative’ or libertarian voters to turn out.

Our American friends need the policies of Ron Paul (apart from creationism in schools) to get them out of their economic Kamikaze death spiral, otherwise their collective pooch is so screwed. Which means ours will be too.

Oh well, what the hell, we’re all dead eventually. Today is gloriously sunny and the great Canadian outdoors beckons. I may even go to see my friends at the gun shop to talk firearms licences. Happy Easter. Moderation for first timers is off. Have fun.


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  1. Pushed your blog to Dick norths Eureferendum and he liked it so much he has added it to his blogroll. Fame at last!


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