One of the most wonderful words in the English language

Is ‘Respite’

1. A usually short interval of rest or relief.
2. a pause from exertion; interval of rest
3. a temporary delay
4. Law Temporary suspension of a death sentence; a reprieve.

Derived from Middle English, from Old French respit, from Latin respectus, refuge, looking back;

n respite [ˈrespait, (American ) -pit]
a pause or rest.


Respite‘ Adj – a well earned period of rest for half burned out caregivers who are going to do as close to bugger all this weekend as conscience and consciousness will allow.

Yup, we’ve persuaded Mother in Law that she needs a 24 hour care facility for a week – and miracle of miracles – she’s agreed to go! Today! In one hour! Oh the joy! Oh the celebration! Oh the sleep!


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