Unintended consequences

One of the side effects of a Chinese web crackdown has been a significant decrease in the levels of spam, at least being caught by my spam filter.

The UK’s state funded fight against the eeeeevils of ‘second (and even third) hand smoke’ has spawned another opposing voice in the shape of Citizens United against Nannying Tyrants, although I wonder if they might not have chosen a less unfortunate acronym.

Added to the links bar, one of the few UK MP’s who cares about the rights of the individual rather than their party.

And last but not least; a minor annoyance has led to some bloggers co-operating more closely, improving their technical knowledge and intelligence gathering.

The law of unintended consequences seems to be alive and well and chuckling in the shadows, as always.


5 thoughts on “Unintended consequences”

  1. Yet it begs the question: are they applying the soubriquet to themselves or their intended protest target? The phrasing leaves it wide open to misinterpretation. That’s why I made the ‘unfortunate’ remark.


    1. It’s fine. We might be the sobriquet. It depends on one’s viewpoint. Trust me, it wasn’t a slight, that post I made.

      Thank you for opening up the comments.


  2. Bill, I rather think that Citizens United against Nannying Tyrants is deliberate, in much the same way that I now refer to the NHS as the Clinical Unit for Not Treating the Sick.


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