Go away

In the middle of a phone call with a family friend this evening I was asked; “Are you going to be switching off all your lights this evening?”
“No.” I rejoindered. “Why should I do that?”
“We had a lecture all about it, you know, Earth hour.”
“When’s that?” I asked.
“No. I’m just ignoring it.”
“But it’s for the Earth.”
“It’s a nonsense. Sorry, but the earnest people coming out with this stuff are just activists. They don’t really know anything.”
“Wish I’d brought my candles.”
“Which will give off more CO2 than the power stations.” I tried to explain (Especially since BC gets most of its power from hydroelectricity). “I won’t be joining you in the darkness. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.” Then the conversation drifted on to more prosaic matters.

I wish those who wished to celebrate such nonsense as ‘Earth Hour’ would just leave the rest of us in peace. If they truly believe that mankind is a blight on the planet, perhaps they should set an example to us all. There are many creative ways this could be achieved, but remember – respect the environment and don’t litter.

Failing that, read Ross McKittrick’s soundly thought out dissent, and have a look at all the reasons why ‘Earth Hour’ is such a waste of time.

4 thoughts on “Go away”

  1. Interesting aside; I saw a meeting of these activists in the centre of Nanaimo a couple of weeks ago, bleating their nonsense to a crowd of about sixty or so. From what I could see they were mostly bussed in from out of town.

    I ignored them then. As far as I’m concerned they’re on the same footing as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. More to be pitied than reviled.


  2. Good job you had someone phone you or you might have missed it completely. I managed to overlook the fact it was on at all so I didn’t get my traditional abuse of Dirt Hour in on time.


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