A sea change

There is a tide in the affairs of men… goes the quotation from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Well chums, it looks like there’s a political sea change going on right now. The anti-human agenda of the CAGW advocates may just be about to take a massive hit. Why? well, have a look at what is going on in the magical land of Oz right now in Queensland, Australia. What some people are calling an electoral backlash against the Carbon tax.

India are calling time on the EU’s airline cap and trade plans, and China has put $14 Billion worth of Airbus on hold over the same issue, threatening 2000 Airbus related jobs. The Harper Federal Government in Canada has steadfastly refused to sign up to similar legislation, and before long, the USA will find the same issues significantly affecting electoral outcomes. The Green Climate fund is likewise ‘seeking immunity’ from prosecution (Why? Are they feeling guilty about something?).

Methinks the shoe is dropping on this issue. Europe may very well find itself quite alone. Very soon. What will happen when all those bets on taxing CO2 turn into a worthless green fart? Who can say?

If I may be allowed to mix Donne and Shaespeare quotations in a single paragraph; Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee, ding dong bell.

2 thoughts on “A sea change”

  1. I think the decimation of Labor in Queensland is more a backlash against Labor generally mixed with some some fairly Queensland specific issues rather than just a reaction to the carbon tax. It’s probably part of the dissatisfaction with Labor but it could be just following a trend. Four years ago Labor had all six states, both territories and had just won the federal election. Since then they’ve lost WA, VIC, NSW and now QLD, and took a nasty hit in both SA and TAS as well as the last federal election – one of those states, can’t recall which, almost mirrored the federal election result and now has a minority Labor government. The real bite of the crabon tax has yet to be felt and there’s a federal election due in the latter half of next year, which makes me think the timing and outlook is not good for Labor and is very promising for the Libs/Nats coalition. It’s just a shame for the rest of us that their leader is such a fucking epic tool. I think I’d rather pay the fine than vote for either of them.


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