EU Arrest warrants – ease of abuse

Family issues (and lack of sleep) are currently consuming my time, but I picked this one up at Longriders, and subsequently Anna Raccoons; an apparent travesty of the UK courts enforcing an (allegedly incomplete) EU arrest warrant for an alleged murder in Portugal following on from a previous trial at which the defendant in question had been acquitted some years ago, even though the alleged ‘victim’ is not, it seems, dead. Nor that the defendant had been anywhere near.

Having read the accused’s blog, A nasty suspicion arises that some functionary somewhere, thought it was a good idea to shut him up, dug deep into his past, lit the blue legal paper and retired to a safe distance. Of course, that is veering into the abhorrent territory of conspiracy theory, but does raise a disturbing issue; if the UK courts and Police are enforcing said warrants in this fashion this occurrence is at best incompetence, and at worst, malevolent. My vote, as always, veers towards cock-up, but I can be wrong.