Google not responsible

Now I’ve had my own beefs at Google for various things, but here’s a bit of good news to brighten some people’s day (But not everyones). In the UK, a new court ruling has been made that Google is not a ‘publisher’ and therefore not responsible for posted content. In the words of Mr Justice Eady;

“I would conclude, therefore, that if I am incorrect, or unduly precipitate, in reaching my earlier conclusion that Google Inc should not be regarded as a publisher of the offending words at all, in accordance with common law principles, I would hold in any event that it would be exempted from liability in accordance with [the provisions set out in the Regulations]”,

Go on, pop over to Out-Law and read the whole thing. If Google is exempt, then this judgement should protect WordPress users as well.

2 thoughts on “Google not responsible”

  1. So am I; hence the move from blogger last year. When I find an email service to migrate to, Gmail will go as well. I’m sick of them demanding my phone number when I try to sign on.

    Although I might register it to a cheap gas station bought phone, and leave it permanently powered down with the battery unplugged.


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