Pruning the blogroll

It seems I have upset Leg-Iron with a post I made, purely in jest, on his blog.  He has asked me not to do so again.  As a gesture to his obvious antipathy, I’ve also excised the link to his blog.  It will not be restored, even though we share a good deal of the same ideological territory.

This raises an interesting point; is there anyone out there who does not want me linking to them?

All requests for removal will be honoured without question.


12 thoughts on “Pruning the blogroll”

  1. So he’s been here as me, has he?
    He is currently busy being Captain Ranty because I gave him his own special icon when he plays with this account.


  2. Bill,

    The above is not my comment.. I am having some troll trouble and I suspect that this is his childish handiwork. I also suspect that he was “leg iron” last week.

    He is an infantile fucker. You can check I am me because both my email address and gravatar will be real. Note the difference in posting names. One will lead back to my blog and the false name will not.

    I am sorry that this little worm showed up here. He wants to cause trouble and acting like a twat is the only way he knows.



    1. Apologies Cap’n (If this really is you). I had thought Leg-Iron’s reaction was a little de trop at the time. Should he care to contact me in person, I may be persuaded to reverse my decision re excision from blogroll.

      Heavy sigh. Now it seems I have to go sifting through IP addresses and headers every time a comment appears. Something I don’t really have time for because family and work issues are currently devouring my waking hours. Service should improve in a week when I get my office space back and work settles down to a dull roar again.

      In the interim, should I manage to identify said timewaster, I’ll take appropriate steps to neutralise the annoyance. I’ve still got some old mates from my very mis-spent youth who owe me major favours. Worth the price of anyone’s transatlantic phone call.


    2. Just seen the comment and it reads just like the one left at my place by he of the non-functional shift keys, “captan (sic) ranty)”. If that was really Leg-iron I’ll french kiss one of my cats. The one with the appalling breath.


        1. I’ve got him pissing in the hedge at my place now. Another fake Captain Ranty comment , this time calling me a fuckwit, and awww bless, he’s had his shift keys fixed. 🙂 Still didn’t stop another commenter spotting it as troll work before I’d even seen it. Annoyingly I’ve got the inclination to try and have some fun with this character but not the time at the moment, so he’s scoring a minor victory in that I’m having to give some thought as to what to do about him.


  3. Thanks for your contributions to my blog in the past, i have decided i do not want any more of your comments as they are not in the style and have the content i require in order to advance “lawful rebellion” in a new direction.

    thanks again.

    captain ranty


  4. There are some highly sensitive bloggers about and I’ve had my run-ins with them too. Very prissy indeed. Personally, I think a blogger has to be able to take the rough with the smooth.


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