One of the reasons I left the UK

One day in mid 2006, I was off duty and busy writing when the doorbell of our tiny little terraced house buzzed. I went to the front door to be greeted by a clipboard wielding woman from ‘child services’ demanding to see “The baby”, telling me I had to let her in because “It was the law”.

That is the absolute honest truth, those were her exact words, and they have been burned into my brain, leaving me in no doubt as to the wisdom of our leaving the UK. The woman had the wrong address and seemed incapable of reading road signs, but despite this tried to bull past me on my own doorstep. My own fucking doorstep. No warrant, no Police, no evidence, no nothing. Not even the right bloody house. Needless to say, she was refused entry, and the error of her ways pointed out. Although upon reflection I’d have sent her to the other side of town had I been a bit more aware in those days. Right into the heart of Chavland.

No wonder, as Ranty quite reasonably points out, they keep sticking the wrong people in jail. My grandchildren will not grow up over there if I have any say in the matter. Not unless the Augean stables of certain Government departments are given a thorough cleaning with a few hundred gallons of this, and one of these.

2 thoughts on “One of the reasons I left the UK”

  1. Thanks for the link Bill.

    You know, people regularly have a pop at me for espousing Freeman principles, but one of the greatest things I learnt was that if you do not register your child’s birth, no agent of the government can come and take the child away on a whim. Several Freemen have now done this, and after some initial bluster, they leave them alone.

    Some British children will be safe from their clutches. Recent figures indicate that social services take 62 children from their families every day. A horrifying statistic. Many of these children will be abused sexually.

    Campaigning against this is clearly far worse than abusing the children.

    I despair.



    1. You know Ranty, I wouldn’t have believed you had I not had first hand experience of how arrogant, dishonest and high handed these people can be. I blame ‘targets’ for adoption that also form the basis for a Social Service based ‘fostering’ cottage industry akin to baby farming.

      You do know you can get something like twenty grand a year in handouts for fostering one child? Nice little earner, eh? Once a wrong ‘uns in the system it’s like being a wasp inside a beehive, no one pays one bit of attention. No wonder its a mess.


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