English Jokes

The world is full of doom and gloom if you read the news, and to be honest, we’re all dead eventually. Bad, bad things are going to happen, but what the hell, they’ve happened before, so you might as well go your own sweet way and have what laughs you can.

Currently I’m keeping my American and Canadian co-workers in fits (They’re easily pleased). They take great amusement at my very English accent, saying such hilarious things to me as “Old boy” and other such cod-English sayings. I respond in this war of cultures with jokes such as;

There’s a group of people dying of thirst in the desert; which is the Englishman?

Where everyone else is saying “Water, for pity’s sake, water!”
He’s the one going “I could murder a cuppa!”

How do you tell which one’s upper middle class?
He’s the one asking for Earl Grey.

I’m here all week.