Not holding my breath

Amusing though it is to see one of the chief proponents of Wind power in the UK being hauled up before the beak for ‘perverting the course of justice’, I’m not convinced we’ve seen the last of him, or the disastrous energy policies he stands behind. Being a politician, he’ll be calling upon every resource he has to use his status as a means of avoiding jail time / fines. All this to avoid a speeding fine?

The irony is that the gentleman in question was once a director of a company that brought the plague of speed and CCTV cameras to the British Isles. Hoist by his own petard? Perhaps there is a form of natural justice in this world. On the other hand, perhaps not.

On a more realistic note, it will take at least a decade to undo the harm he has done to Britain. Perhaps much longer. Unfortunately several thousand impending deaths from cold of people (Someone’s Aunt or Uncle, someone’s Grandparent) on fixed incomes who can no longer afford the ‘renewable’ inflated electricity costs to heat their homes cannot be undone. Their deaths are as sure as if Huhne, and all the other pushers of Wind energy had picked up a gun and shot them each in the head. But will he suffer for this crime against humanity? Will any of the pro Wind faction? Sadly no, because although their blinkered policies will have been directly responsible for real harm to real people, no doubt Hune will end up as an EU Commissar Commissioner with a gold plated pension, or as a politically appointed ‘Lord’, and influence with various very rich people who like to keep their fingers on the political pulse, and maybe trade a little influence at luxury resorts. Heavy sigh. Twas ever thus…

Excuse me airing my cynicism, but getting rid of dangerous idiots in politics hasn’t really been possible since the death penalty was suspended for the crime of High Treason.


3 thoughts on “Not holding my breath”

  1. Sadly so AE, you write truth. ‘Environmentalist’? Pah! The damage they do. Hell to Intentions the road is paved good to with. Like giant children with the Earth as a plaything.


  2. Huhne might do the Mandelson or he might do the Aitken. Time, and whether he does any or is even found guilty, will tell. But you’re certainly right about the wind turbines and the rest. That’ll take a lot longer even if Huhne does end up disappearing up his own arse.


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