Sic intereo totus tyrannus

The above is a warning from History, the rough translation being ‘so die all tyrants’. Muammar Quadaffi is dead at the hands of his ‘own’ people, as is Saddam Hussein, Nicolai Ceaucescu, and others.

Perhaps those within any unelected and unaccountable ruling cabal should heed such precedents.

Just making an observation, that’s all.


2 thoughts on “Sic intereo totus tyrannus”

  1. The lesson of History is that Tyrants breed rebels. They’re night and day, sides of the same coin sort of thing. Like I said, just an observation ahead of the EU membership debate.

    Something certain people should remind themselves of from time to time, that’s all.


  2. Interesting take on it, Bill. I was so busy taking the piss out the West’s need now for yet another new Emmanuel Goldstein that I didn’t think about other unelected and/or unaccountable rulers.


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