Do I care

A multimillionaire businessman in the computing field has died and all of a sudden there’s lots of girlie faux-grief all over every other web page. Oh for goodness sake you lot, get a fucking grip. He sold computers. He made lots of money out of you, and now he’s dead the rest of us who do not share your false emotions are getting a bit ticked off with all the weeping and fucking wailing over your computing messiah.

So not all his products were as wonderful as some might claim, and having to purchase a brand new iTouch or iPod when just the battery had died after less than 18 months (and out of warranty) was a pain. Sure the computers he sold were great for DTP and graphics, if they weren’t they didn’t deserve space on the shelves. Otherwise, they were overpriced and some would say over hyped.

Sometimes I get the feeling that a good proportion of computer viruses out in the wild were written by his fan club, just because they couldn’t stand other people not using their Gods hard and software. How immature can you get?

He’s not the messiah – he’s dead. Now get over it and do your mourning decently – in private.

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  1. Thanks Angry, that sounds interesting and like something I will look into and learn more about, but I really have had no problems with the hard drive, despite it’s age (knock wood). The battery usually lasts for at least a full day at work (until it starts to go bad) and I have a charger right at my desk if needed. The reality is that it is getting quite old and I’ve heard the classics they sell now aren’t quite as durable as the originals so I may try to keep this one as long as I can.


    1. That’s part of the reason I hacked my six-ish year old one. Everything worked fine except the drive, and I’ve heard that the click wheels can go on the newer ones. Storage is just storage but if the bloody interface goes then it’s cactus. Plus there’s something very satisfying about keeping an old gadget going cheaply rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a new one, and doing it in a way the designers hadn’t intended.


  2. Scoakat, if you’ve done a battery change on an iPod classic you may want to go a step further and swap the hard drive for a compact flash card (if you haven’t already found this hack). Needs an inexpensive adapter to go between the card and the drive connector and and thin bit of foam to pad out the insides since the CF card + adapter combination is a bit smaller than the drive, then snap the back back on and Bob’s your uncle. And boy, does the battery last when it’s not having to spin a hard drive.


  3. Cheers, Bill! All I have is an old original 30gb ipod classic that we got for free in some kind of raffle years ago. And yes, Angry, I have changed the battery 3 times and the headphone jack/hold button twice all by myself, plus screens, jacks and batteries for other people. There are plenty of sites that sell parts and youtube vids to take you throught it step by step if you take the time and have patience with microscopic screws.


  4. The golden rule of Apple ownership is learn to do your own servicing. It must really piss them off every time someone manages to change their own battery.


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