Never learn

Back in the early 1970’s, when I was but a mere slip of a lad. In the UK we had almost back to back industrial unrest, 3 day weeks, rolling power cuts, the UK going cap in hand to the IMF for a ‘Bail out’ and massive redundancies which took unemployment over 3 million a couple of years later.

Nowadays, whenever I look East and South I seem to suffer from a severe case of deja vu. In an echo of Denis Healey’s “Soak the rich” policy (Which had an incredibly short life span as I recall), I hear the same policies are to be rolled out again in the UK and also in the USA.

I mean really, doesn’t anyone read recent economic history any more? Don’t they understand that money is not a thing but a process? A measure of economic activity rather than a tangible commodity? The current administrations of the EU, UK and USA don’t seem to ‘get it’. So they’re going to dredge up a failed economic policy in the hope it will get them out of a fiscal hole caused by their failed policies. Dumb fucks. The money will move, as it always does, as it always will do. Only those who cannot afford to move quickly enough will suffer. All the slightly better off middle income earners, the professionals. The really rich will simply move their stash or get their accountants and tax lawyers to fix it so said cash is immune to the taxman’s predations. If really pressured they’ll just fade away into the morning mist, ne’er to be seen again.

As for those stupid bozo’s of UKUNCUNT, they will reap what they sow. When the politicians have emptied every pension fund, stolen every inheritance, squeezed middle earners until they might just as well work as supermarket shelf stackers at UKUNCUNT’s behest, and there’s still not enough money for the public purse, none of them will get the message of history.

For my own part; living in rural Canada with a larder full of dry goods, log store ready for Winter, Broadheads fitted to new shafts. A reliable, if reduced, income stream. If all goes well I’ll never need the backup supplies. If not, I’m cool with that, too.

2 thoughts on “Never learn”

  1. Well said that man. I intend to get round such nonsense by becoming a part time employee for an offshore company earning 7.5K so I don’t pay any income tax. Wife and sons will also become part time employees of said company and so we will end up with a combined family income of 30K and won’t pay a penny in income tax. As we are currently living a very good life on 13k income we could live like kings on 30K!

    I should also add every tangible asset we own is being transferred to an offshore trust thus putting the roof, wheels etc beyond the grasp of the UK based thieves masquerading as HM Government. I hate to say it but learned how to do this by studying Bliar!


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