Another step away

Gave up my driving licence today. My UK (motorcycle) licence that is. My pristine, never got a speeding or other ticket UK (motorcycle) driving licence. Not that I didn’t come close quite a few times, even got flashed once by a speed camera, but nothing ever came of it.

It’s an odd feeling, having finally transferred all my licences and permits over here. The sensation is like cutting an umbilical, a further step away from the land I was born in.

Still busy with running around after everyone else’s errands. The saga of our family friend who is on the shorter road out of this life continues. He’s in hospital, but when you’re that far gone, as the Doctors keep pointing out, there is little to be done. So they keep him hydrated and fed as best they can. We double as a taxi service for his wife, and try not to say anything that might upset her too much. I suppose it’s bad enough watching your life partner slowly slipping away, going home to a house that will never seem full again, and there’s a fair amount of denial on a number of fronts. For my part, I’ve purchased a black tie and hope it won’t get used all that often.

The waiting is hard on everyone, and the strain is telling. Rows break out over stupid things. Psychosomatic aches and pains come and go like ghosts. All I can do is pick everyone up when they fall, and not worry too much about having my own psychic skin cut about by all the emotional backlash. Early morning fishing trips help. Nothing much, just a wander down to the beach to cast my cares upon the water, and the odd whiskey in the evening to take the edge off things. I cook a lot. That helps too.

Have lost the urge to blog much. I mean, I simply can’t get angry about stuff happening almost a third of the planet away. In a land where most of the problems are caused by people trying to impose dunderheaded inflexible top down ‘political’ solutions to every problem under the sun. It’s not my fault they can’t do joined up thinking. Getting mad at them from this distance solves nothing, and candidly; I couldn’t give a shit. Not even a wet fart about a country flushing ancient rights and freedoms down the toilet of History. The Eurozone currency thing too, is running out from under the whole edifice like sand, and as each country is forced to default on the imaginary money they owe each other, it’ll all end in tears.

I feel sorry for those stuck there, but I can’t help. It’s rather like watching someone die. There’s that much of a sense of sad inevitability about the whole process. To governments drunk on spending, the party is definitely over, and the hangover is going to be a bitch.

Like with our coming bereavement, all I will be able to do is walk away, shaking my head in sorrow, and give what comfort I can to those who are left.

Post updated for clarity. Re type of licence transferred. A clean UK motorcycle licence?. Am I a wuss who never opened the throttle? A moped rider? (derisive guffaw) Well, you might think so, but I couldn’t possibly comment. My Triumph 900 spent most of its working life on English A-Roads. Not posing around the main drags where all the speed traps were, asking for trouble.

3 thoughts on “Another step away”

  1. Ahem. When I first came to Canada, I had to pass a driving test to obtain a class 5 (Car) licence. Thus was I allowed to keep my UK driving licence, because I had a separately qualified for Canadian Drivers licence. Since then the rules have changed, so I no longer needed to pass a separate test to legally ride a Motorcycle in Canada. In retrospect I should have said I surrendered my Motorcycle licence and thus transferred my entitlement to drive such a vehicle. So now I have a class 5 and 6 BC drivers licence, not just a class 5 as before.

    Still have to retake my truck test to keep my old air brake qualification, as those are still non transferable. Hope this clarifies matters.


  2. Illegal? You can’t use it, granted, but you don’t have to give it up. Apart from whilst you do your Canadian Driving Licence that is. As soon as I passed they gave it back. That is BC though, it may be different elswhere. I’m heading over to ICBC now to see if it’s all changed…..

    None of my business but, I have to ask, why give it up? Why not have both? Just in case you ever need it?


  3. What? How long have you been in Canada? Did you not know it is illegal to keep a foreign driver’s licence for more than 90 days after moving permanently to most Canadian provinces?


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