Too busy to blog. Even more family are due to descend upon us shortly. Still running errands for terminal friend. Major project finished and have been asked to deliver a talk at a book signing (Write presentation, practice speaking, rehearse, promotional material design, work, work, work). Mrs S has insisted I make time out for fishing as I’m as hyper as a puppy with a new squeaky toy.

All in all, having a nice time. I think.

4 thoughts on “Busy”

    1. I wouldn’t say bragging. Not at all. The book thing is the end result of over five years graft, our friend is still dying. Very much a rollercoaster. Really not sure how I feel about things at present.


      1. Yeah, that’s why I chose the word ‘fulfilling’. (First sentence was just kidding.) Not necessarily all happy stuff, but it sounds like you should feel good about yourself nonetheless. Cheers.


  1. I was going to say that when life’s too busy to blog it probably means life is good, but it’s doing your friend and your friendship with him a disservice. You get what I mean though, I hope.


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