Sharia? Sure

Apparently there are a bunch of people not happy with the law in the UK. It seems they want their own, that everybody else has to comply with while in said areas. Okay, say I. No problem.

I would only say one thing in return; a lot of those demanding their own system of law and morality are dependent upon the largesse of the state. Perhaps if they want their own code of law, then they should expect to have no more money in ‘benefits’ or any other payment or service from the country they so reject. No housing benefit, no more child benefit, no NHS treatment, no protection from any state agency, and perhaps they might want to form their own Police, Fire Brigade, and council services.

Oh dear, isn’t that what they wanted?

Can’t have it both ways guys.

6 thoughts on “Sharia? Sure”


    This is a link to a hoax email which appears to have been circulating for a number of years with local variations, however many of the sentiments appear, to me, to be quite relevant to a number of countries today.

    I see no reason why immigrants, refugees and even visitors shouldn’t agree to obeying the existing laws of the particular country they have chosen to enter. Failure to obey the laws results in immediate deportation and I really don’t care where.

    Perhaps the bleeding hearts that support these people should also be held responsible and can be exported to the same country.


    1. “Integrate or immigrate elsewhere.” As a migrant myself, I am fully in sympathy with that worldview.

      Currently integrating into rural Canada and enjoying it immensely.


  2. I don’t think that will work. Next they will try to declare independence like Scotland! It would be fine if they actually lived in a corner of Wales, but for some reason the most vocal ones live right in the centre of the capital…


    1. Well if they want their own self governing enclave, all insurance claims null and void because they’d have to provide their own. No dole money. No child benefit. No rent paid. Think about how dependent these dole warriors are. Cut off the money supply from the state they despise. For whole areas? You’d hear the screaming for miles. Especially when their own ‘kind’ turn against them when the food begins to run out.


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