Oh dear

In the wake of the awful Norwegian massacre I’m quite disturbed to see a media blame fest shitstorm headed for so called ‘right wing fanatics’. A brush with which they wish to tar any and all political opponents. A broad brushstroke all encompassing accusation designed to discredit philosophical opponents.

You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if the phrase ‘right wing extremist’ becomes a far broader church than it already is. Anyone who blogs on the side of personal freedom may find themselves lumped in with the real nutters who think killing believers of whatever faith (political or otherwise) can murder ideas. Stalin tried it. Pol Pot tried it. Mao tried it, as did Hitler, and various Junta’s from both sides of the political spectrum. Are the ideas they wanted to kill dead? No. Weally? No shit, sherlock.

It may be that anyone may find themselves under scrutiny. Anyone who has, or run a business (Classic sign of a bloodthirsty ‘right wing maniac’, that), lost income, pension, or employment due to doctrine-led changes in legislation (Totally evil baby eating right winger there). Or maybe doesn’t ‘believe in global warming’ (Got to be one – dangerous right wing headcase). Anyone who even wandered into a church to admire the architecture must be a dangerous extreme christian fundamentalist who needs locking up. Perhaps those who have even openly wondered that the middle eastern conflict might not be all the fault of anyone even vaguely attached to the Jewish persuasion. Yes, they’re all as guilty as the man who pulled the trigger, even if they’d never heard of the assassin or had anything to do with the creed alluded to. We’re talking communal guilt here. Arrest them all!

As far as I’m concerned extreme left and right are simply two sides of the same coin; statist bastards who cause most of the trouble on this planet. They share this specific trait; they can’t let well enough alone. If they can’t get their own way they don’t care who they hurt. To me, they are equally repulsive, and to be avoided. Life is too short to waste time on them.

As someone whose politics veer mildly to the right of centre, and further toward the cause of personal liberty which is neither left nor right, I’m concerned. Concerned that anyone who speaks up for the rights of the individual over the state may find themselves, or even more sinisterly their family members, on some state / media sponsored ‘shit list’ as an ‘extremist’. Although as an expat, I’m hoping their attitude to me is; “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” That’s fine by me because today my business affairs on the European side of the pond are concluded, and I’m on my way home to Canada. Back to BC, and God’s own country.

My take on it? The man who has admitted to the murders of Norwegian teenagers and Government officials will discover that trying to kill people who have a particular belief system will only polarise that belief system, and like the Islamists (and others) before him, find his murderous activities have rebounded against his espoused cause.

2 thoughts on “Oh dear”

  1. The propaganda machine was quick, firstly to blame ‘Islamists’ then to say the murderer was to be denied his right to speak ‘words of hate’ in an open court. Very pejorative, and giving the rest of us little idea of why the perpetrator did what he did.

    I’m sure some psychological case study will eventually emerge from the Norwegian penal system, but until then, or unless some neutral Norwegian blogger gets into the court to tell the tale online, we’ll all be left in the dark.


  2. Not just the “right” and “extremists” but the “far” right extremists, the “blonde and blue eyed far right extremists” or the blonde and blue eyed far right extremist Christian” not to mention the blonde, blue eyed, far right, extremist, Christian, conservative” or just a plain “nutter”
    We’re all terrorists now.


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